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PCD pharma Franchise company

WHO: Certified GMP and GLP Pharma Franchise Company located in Chandigarh, providing over 3000+ premium medical products.
Injectables, tablets, capsules, soft gelatin capsules, oral liquid (syrup & suspension), oral dry syrup, external liquids, ointments, creams, betalactum products, general products, shampoo, eye drops, ear drops, oral sachets & powders, external powder & cosmetics are all sections of our own manufacturing facility.We are one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India, dedicated to advancing medical science through collaborative efforts.

Price List

PCD Pharma Companies Price List

Propaganda Cum Distribution, or PCD Pharma, denotes that the distributor is the only one in charge of marketing and distributing all of the products. Therefore, a PCD company offers its items to its distributors based on a set price list. The corporation doesn’t care about the MRP of its items because it sells them all at net rates, regardless of their MRP.

We offer PCD Pharma Franchisee for our wide range of pharmaceutical products. We welcome dedicated professionals who are committed to the welfare of mankind and are ready to serve the healthcare industry efficiently, to join our company by adopting our Pharma Franchise. Monopoly rights are available for well-managed groups. Our marketing support helps distributors persuade practitioners and customers to choose our products.


  • We grant our PCD distributors exclusive rights to our business in their region, allowing them to market pharmaceuticals without facing competition from us. (You receive more if you work harder.)
  • We provide our distributors with a range of promotional materials, including visual aids, LBLs, glossaries, notepads, catch covers, MR bags, pens, key rings, perfumes, towels, reminder cards, and other gifts, to assist them in promoting the products to physicians and other professionals.
  • Working with a medical franchise company has many benefits, chief among them being the elimination of the need to place bulk orders for the products. If you buy straight from the manufacturer, you have to buy in batches, which are fairly huge in and of themselves. Your investment is thus prohibited for a maximum of two or three products. However, by using our franchising concept, you may purchase 25–30 medications for the same price, strengthening your position in the market.
  • In order to help our distributors achieve high margins and successful outcomes, we also provide them with training on current market trends and newly introduced compounds.
  • Upon receiving your insightful inquiry, we will email you our price list and product catalogue (online/offline).
  • Then, using a phone call, WhatsApp message, or email, you can choose the products that meet your needs. Even smartphone apps are available for use. We will email you a sample invoice so you can confirm the amount and pricing after we get your order.
  • You can deposit funds into our bank accounts via NEFT, checks, cash, RTGS, transfers, IMPS, and other methods after verification.
  • We will ship your products the same day after the money clears our account and provide you with a docket or tracking number so you can follow your shipment at any time.
  • The party in question shall cover all courier and transit costs. Prices are liable to change at any time without notice owing to variations in the cost of producing raw materials.
  • Goods that are broken or have expired cannot be returned.
  • A scanned or xeroxed copy of the GST certificate and DL number are needed.