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Top PCD pharma company

PCD as a model is an Indian pharmaceutical industry’s grand success. Among the advantages available to agencies that utilize this approach are franchises; moreover PCD Pharma Franchise has grown quite popular in the pharmaceutical sector. In this model, PCD pharma franchise company don’t hire sales or medical reps; instead, they enlist individuals from different cities and states as franchisees to promote their products. Many pharmaceutical companies in India seek franchise partners due to increasing demand for pharma products. Therefore, PCD Pharma business among numerous entrepreneurs is considered to be a lucrative career option with wider scope and related benefits.

When embarking on a Pharma or PCD Franchise venture it is important to choose the right PCD Pharma Company because choosing them can significantly determine if you will succeed or fail in your business. A strong network involving doctors coupled with making the right choice for which Pharmaceutical Companies in India goes into a highly profitable outcome. Apart from brand recognition and reputable names there are several key parameters through which organizations may be evaluated. These critical parameters include:

Company History and Profile:

  • Search for the historical development of the company, its past and reliability
  • The profile of the organization could be established by looking at its previous records, goodwill in the market and customer reviews on digital platforms.

Major Certifications and Approvals:

  • Check if the company has necessary certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, Tax Identification Number (TIN), Drug License Number (D.L) and Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI).
  • Confirm that manufacturing units have Good Manufacturing Products (GMP) certification from World Health Organization (WHO).

Product Quality:

  • Evaluate PCD pharma products quality through request for sample products with reputable clinical laboratories.
  • It is advisable to prioritize WHO and GMP certified products which are highly demanded hence attracts premium prices.

Product Portfolio:

  • Check out product portfolio of a pharma company naming some products corresponding to the demand in your area.
  • Opt for those items which are not available easily in markets in order to maintain competitive advantage over others.

Customer Service and Support:

  • Research the customer service track record of the pharma company, checking for any grievances or complaints.
  • Confirm whether the company offers dedicated PR managers and assess the overall quality of customer support.

Marketing Support:

  • Emphasize the importance of marketing support, a key feature of the PCD pharma franchise business.
  • Ensure that the pharma company’s sales team shares effective marketing tactics, promotional tools, and unique strategies to empower franchise partners in building a strong market presence


A very important thing to do while examining different PCD Pharma Franchise is to closely weigh their pros and cons. For a successful pharmaceutical franchise venture, make decisions based on a well-thought out plan. The most outstanding decision to make in investing in a pharma franchise company is partnering with a reputable and reliable firm. Choose NBSmed Pharmaceuticals, which is known as the leading PCD pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh, and realize your dream of launching a pharma franchise business.

NBSmed Chandigarh Based PCD Pharma Companies offers exclusive franchises with monopoly rights, an impressive product portfolio, and comprehensive support for its associates. Your market entry takes advantage of our commitment to clear services and rewarding benefits. We provide unique market ting support that guarantees partners’ huge investment returns. We urge all aspiring pharmacy entrepreneurs looking forward to starting their own franchise businesses within the pharmaceutical industry to join us.

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